YOUmedia-Chicago Summer Jam from YOUmedia @Chicago Public Library on Vimeo.

YOUmedia Films Present: Chicago Summer Jam Featuring a series of digital workshops related to Music and Chicago. * Vinyl Adventures:Chicago Blues * Chicago Speak: Spoken Word * Music Photography * Designing Album Covers * Music Production: Sampling Chicago Summer Jams are community-based digital workshops for youth that encourage creativity and develop digital literacy.

Front Cover Back Cover

Sometimes album covers just don’t seem to match the music. This alternate album cover was designed by Jones College Prep student Kaillif Ammen. He felt that the cover of A Thousand Suns by Linkin Park was boring so he reinterpreted the cover in the style of the album art of In Rainbows by Radiohead. If you’re interested in the learning some of the graphic design techniques Kaillif used stop by YOUmedia any Saturday at 1pm for our Essentials of Design workshop!

9 WTF Music Videos from the good ol’ USA by Jasmine Kirby

More music madness from Jasmine Kirby, YOUlit editor.

What makes a WTF music video? A start is making a video that has either very little or absolutely nothing to do with the lyrics of the song. Then add in some wacky situations, awkward dancing and devil worship and you get our 9 wtf american music videos.

8. On to the Next One. Jay-Z.

This video kind of reminds of me the opening credits of the X-Files. Some say that this video proves Jay-Z’s involvement with the mysterious organization known as the “Illuminati”. If the Illuminati are really behind this video it seems that they are an evil organization stranger than the Volturi and Scientology combined. As far as getting teens into Satan worship this video isn’t doing much…

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3 cringe-inducing religious pop songs by Jasmine Kirby

Jasmine Kirby, YOUlit editor, takes us once more through the dregs of internet music.

Religion. The most argued over topic other than politics. Religion and music go together like peanut butter and jelly. I mean look at great classical works written for churches like Handel’s Messiah. Classic stuff. However, religion’s relation with popular music has been more like kool aid and salmon. These are some examples brought to you by the wonders of youtube.

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Raymond Abercrombie - The Unjustified Years

If you missed YOUmedia’s student work for the Mark Bradford at the Pop Up Gallery on State St. this past week here is another chance to listen to some of the great music produced for the project. Inspired by artist Mark Bradford, YOUmedia teen, Raymond Abercrombie created some very impressive visual and audio pieces. Here is one of his tracks “The Unjustified Verse” and an accompanying illustration.

Mark Bradford’s exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art will run until September 18th.

Nyan Cat by Jasmine Kirby

Music comes in all forms. Even in the form of internet memes. Here is a blog about the infamous Nyan Cat from YOUlit editor Jasmine Kirby.

I don’t know where to begin on this one. Nyan cat, for those who are not familiar, can be best described as memetic animation of a cat made out of a poptart pooping rainbows while flying through space while singing a song using only the word nyan.

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